™BAMf​est​ Daytona                     2018

Poets and Musicians

Our artists are featured at The Hub on Canal in Smyrna Beach.



Lewis’s current work reflects her inspiration, aesthetic value and sophistication of the Post Impressionists such as Bonnard, Matisse and Lautrec. She has exhibited at the Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, The Orlando Museum of Art with the Artist’s Registry, The Artists Workshop, New Smyrna Beach, City Arts Factory, Orlando – and is represented by The Hyder Gallery, Orlando, The Hub, New Smyrna Beach and The Dancing Crane Gallery, Bradenton, Florida. She has also exhibited at juried, outdoor art festivals in Winter Park, Boca Raton, Sarasota and Venice.




Born in Venezuela, Oralba is a natural as well as a trained fine artist, designer, decorator, photographer and exceptional craftswoman. She has held positions as Art Director, Graphic Designer, art teacher, illustrator and assistant of animation at the cinematography department at the University of Los andes, Merida Venezuale and served at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas and the Orlando Museum of Art. Her studies began in colombia where she obtained a degree in Graphic design and continued at the Oxford College of further Education in England.  




Pamela Ramey Tatum is a full-time professional artist and a studio artist at The Hub on Canal, a vibrant art space which she shares with other local artists in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. She participates in other art shows and venues as well.

Pamela paints a variety of subjects: portraits, figures, still lifes, as well as sea and landscapes with a contemporary flair. In 2012, she began painting palette knife paintings and creates pieces that are modern dynamic and fresh. Pamela also teaches palette knife painting workshops at The Hub on Canal in Smyrna Beach

An Idea is Born

Now that Kathy is back in town, we’re happy she could join us at our Book, Art, and Music Festival. During the winter season, Kathy will be “jamming” with local musicians and singing solo at the beach - the Daytona Hilton and the Ocean Deck. Her strong, rhythmic vocals include all music genres. She’s equally comfortable covering show tunes, blues, classic rock, country and contemporary adult while adding some of her own creations. Kathy’s unique blend of music is augmented by her use of percussive harmonics as she sings to the beat of her own drumming, while welcoming other accompaniment. Her husband Gary works the DJ equipment. The whole makes for a fantastic evening.

Melody Anglin      (Author, Musician, Songwriter, Singer, and Music therapist) will entertain us by playing her harp from 5:15 - 6:00 pm.

See her bio on the author page. What a treat!